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This is the ideal option if you want to know about the aristocratic past of Tigre and experience the nature of the place from a completely different point of view: by rowing. Along quiet streams, you will be able to rest, have fun and get to know the area. The trip “El Tigre along the River” is a must that will give you the opportunity to row at your own pace and enjoy the enchanting landscape.
Rowing Classes
Rowing classes are given by Teachers with vast experience in the activity and with teaching skills acquired at the Instituto Nacional de Educación Física (National Physical Education Institute) “Gral. Belgrano” of San Fernando, which certifies these courses. We are prepared to offer the best service. Over 15 years of experience in exploring the river and learning about its conditions and characteristics guarantee safety on the water. We are pioneers in teaching rowing; we have our own boats with all the necessary safety equipment. You will be able to learn with especially measured and safe boats.
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