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Campings in Tigre Delta and in Tigre City

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  • Río Manso Tigre Cabins
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    Río Manso Tigre Cabins

    Cabins in Tigre Delta
    Rio Manso Tigre Cabins is a complex of cabins with the aim of ensuring that their clients enjoy a pleasant stay in nature and with the best possible comfort. A place of countless recreational activities with an atmosphere of tranquility and service. It...
    2, 4, 6 and 8
  • Aquarela Cabins
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    Aquarela Cabins

    Cabins in Tigre Delta
    Cabins set to spend a comfortable stay in contact with nature, very intimate, in a reserved and comfortable place. Only for couples or 2 adults, without children, or pets...
  • Siempre Laura Cabins
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    Siempre Laura Cabins

    Cabins in Tigre Delta
    We have three impeccable cabins located in the second section of the Delta, with spacious and warm environments for couples... maximum with a minor... The cabins are very independent from each other, and have a view of the river with a large window that...
    2 and 3
  • La Viña Houses
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    La Viña Houses

    Houses for Rent in Tigre Delta
    Only 40 minutes from Tigre, In Casa La Viña, beautiful and comfortable apartments for rent, furnished and fully equipped. Independent entrances, outdoor deck, Lcd, Direct Tv, air conditioning (see description x apartment), wifi internet, stove,...
    2 and 3
  • Albaricoque Cabins
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    Albaricoque Cabins

    Cabins in Tigre Delta
    Two warm cabins attended by their owners throughout the year, located on Arroyo Felipe 250 meters from the San Antonio River. Capacity for 2, 4 and 6 people, each one in his land. The property has a dock, grills and chairs...
    2, 4 and 6
  • San Jorge Cabins
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    San Jorge Cabins

    Cabins in Tigre Delta
    Brand new Cabins for 2 peopl, ideal for couples, served by their owners. The place has three cabins accessing through a road deck surrounded by a grove of cypresses, set to spend a comfortable stay in contact with nature...
  • Casas Quiya
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    Casas Quiya

    Houses in Tigre Delta
    Casas Quiya offers two comfortable houses in the first section of the Delta. The first house has amenities for 6 people. It has a sommier bed, a sea bed, a sofa bed for 2 people, 2 bathrooms, kitchen with oven, large refrigerator, microwave, hot water...
    2, 4 and 6
  • Anala Cabins
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    Anala Cabins

    Cabins in Tigre Delta
    We have 4 cabins equipped for 4 people, built entirely in wood, with a rustic-friendly architectural style and friendly with the environment...
    2 and 4
  • Serena House
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    Serena House

    House in Tigre Delta
    LIQUIDAMBAR is a modern river house located in the first section of the Paraná Delta. It is located on the Arroyo Espera a few meters from Arroyo Cruz Colorada, ten minutes from the Parana River of Las Palmas, an ideal area for practicing canoeing,...
  • Quinta La Lidia
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    Quinta La Lidia

    House for Rent in Tigre Delta
    Christmas at $ 1650 per person for the days: 22 - 23 - 24 - 25, as always, free entry on Friday. Promo valid for groups of 6 people. Promo New Year: at $ 1650 per person for the days: 29 - 30 - 31 - 1 as always free income on Friday. Promo valid for groups of 6 people.
    Isleña old house for group of friends in the creek located Waiting to 909, perfect for paddling out and learn more about the delta. The house is equipped for 6 to 8 people or more, it has 4 bedrooms, two of them equipped with double beds and the...
    6 and 8